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Amazon Kindle Fire: finally the tablet market got interesting

The fanfare around the Amazon Kindle Fire has been fascinating. Firstly, that the market seemed to be comparing it to the Apple iPad. Well, really that people seem to compare everything to the Apple iPad – and inevitably the iPad … Continue reading

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SAP HANA and the strange details of hardware certification

I’ve been pondering SAP’s HANA hardware certification strategy this morning and I have to say, it makes little sense. This may well be because I don’t understand the hardware behind it, so if there are greater minds than me out … Continue reading

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SAP HANA: an analysis of the major hardware vendors

When I first wrote this blog I didn’t realise a few things. First that it would become the reference location on the internet for HANA material, and Second that it would therefore require updating! So here we are, some 9 … Continue reading

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SAP HANA and the death of the mainframe

Only ten years ago if you wanted to store a lot of data, you went and talked to one of a small number of vendors that sold equipment that would support it. You paid a handsome sume of money to … Continue reading

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Attempting to balance consulting with health – Part 2: The Calorie Deficit

In my first part: Attempting to balance consulting with health – Part 1: Self-Awareness, I describe how we need to become aware of what we’re doing and the effect it has on us before we can really make a change. … Continue reading

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