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Inside Oracle Exalytics: Oracle shows its fear of SAP’s in-memory strategy

Oracle released its new in-memory analytics engine, Exalytics, at Oracle Open World 2011 this week. Media has been in a frenzy for the last 4 days and there are already over 1/4 million Google hits for Exalytics. It’s actually interesting … Continue reading

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Oracle & SAP: sticks and stones may break my bones

… but as the saying goes, words will never hurt me. I bet if a SAP HANA or Oracle Exalytics box landed on your foot, it would hurt though. SAP created a new class of computing this year – it … Continue reading

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SAP HANA vs Oracle Exalytics – the game is on

So Oracle announced Exalytics yesterday and I’ve spent much of today thinking about it in the back of my mind whilst I did my day job. It’s about the most interesting announcement of the tech world this year and it’s … Continue reading

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