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Oracle Exadata and SAP HANA compared

This last week, Bob Evans from SAP wrote a blog entitled The Top 10 Reasons SAP HANA Is Disrupting Larry Ellison’s Grand Plans. I think it’s a great conversation to be had, but in the end (despite having some good … Continue reading

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Social Networks in 2011 – it’s all about contextual networks

It happens from time to time; I send a Facebook request to someone I know through work and I get a reply by email. It says something like “Hi John, I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t add people … Continue reading

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I just got influenced – the changing face of Industry Analysts

I was going to respond to Phil Fersht’s blog “Will the industry analyst business be dead in five years?“, but Dennis Howlett got there first with “Analyst, anal-yst, who cares?“. But it’s a matter close to my heart so I … Continue reading

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What are we looking for in the graduate intake?

Our graduate intake days start apace tomorrow. It’s been months in the coming and our recruitment have been working hard – in the words of our head of HR: there’s steam coming off the keyboards. In any case, in the … Continue reading

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Is it still relevant to control equipment purchasing in Enterprise IT?

When I first started working with Bluefin in late 2003, pretty much the first thing that I worked on was internal IT policy, with founder Mike Curl. They had been buying equipment here and there at the lowest price, and … Continue reading

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Apple iPad 2 – what’s it actually good for and why are Time Magazine such idiots?

I was a pretty early adopter of Apple’s iPad in April of 2010 and I picked up an AT&T one in the USA when it first came out. That one was stolen from me in September but I remember clearly … Continue reading

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MacBook Air – the debacle continues with a two-tier support system

A month ago I wrote about the woes I’ve been having with my MacBook Air. I’m now on 12 visits to the Apple Genius (should it be Dumbass) Bar and 5 separate repairs. On the latest repair they “fixed” the … Continue reading

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