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iPad Pro 9.7 – an Enterprise Perspective

I’m now two weeks into owning the iPad Pro 9.7, and for most of those two weeks I’ve used it as my primary device. There were a few comments on my last blog as to why I was trying to … Continue reading

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Tips for using the iPad Pro 9.7

I’ve had the iPad Pro 9.7 for the last few days, and wanted to give a little update. The initial intention was to use it for 2 weeks as a primary device. How’s that coming along? The iPad Pro is … Continue reading

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What do I do before 8am? My morning routine…

I know I’m not exactly the first to write about this, but I thought some people might be interested to know what I do when I wake in the morning. The opening of the eyes Pretty much the first thing … Continue reading

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I’ve been meaning to pen an update to this FAQ for nearly 2 years, with this being the primary listed reference on Wikipedia, but somehow never found the time. So here it is, a complete rewrite! What is SAP HANA? … Continue reading

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Disrupting the IT Services market: Consultancy 2.0

Some time ago I had dinner with SAP co-CEO Jim Snabe. Jim is a bright and talented individual and one of the topics we got into was the setting of unreasonable boundary conditions as a mechanism to get the best … Continue reading

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10 Tips on using the Apple iPad as your primary device

I can be clumsy when overtired. And so it happened that I broke my laptop whilst travelling to a major conference, and couldn’t get it replaced for nearly 3 weeks. As it happens I then smashed the screen on my … Continue reading

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The SAP HANA Career Guide – Part 5, SAP HANA BW Consultant

Hopefully you have enjoyed the SAP HANA Career Guide so far. This piece focusses in on the SAP HANA BW Consultant. These guys are responsible for upgrading, migrating and HANA-enabling existing information on the SAP BW Enterprise Data Warehouse, as well … Continue reading

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