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When will Graduates learn to monetize their education?

I walked into my usual clothing store the other day and during the conversation with the clerk there, who I have known for a couple of years, we discussed how he was finishing his secondary education and – provided he … Continue reading

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How do consultants get sticky – making yourself invaluable to your customers

How do consultants get sticky? As the old joke goes “What’s brown and sticky? A stick”. It’s bad, but I realised when I wrote my blog on Value Articulation – and getting a payrise last week that I talked around being … Continue reading

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Value Articulation – and getting a payrise

I suspect there are two types of people. Those who talk about money too often and those who don’t talk about it enough. On the one hand there are those people who at every review period, every 6 months in … Continue reading

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The Sales-Delivery Paradox – Filling the Pre-sales Void

I remember my first job like it was yesterday. I worked for a BI consulting firm called InPhase Software Ltd. I got the job during my university holiday by writing a letter to all the local companies and including a CV. … Continue reading

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Balancing life/work in consulting – 10 tips to beat the rat race

My thoughts on this were triggered some months back when I got back from SAP TechEd 2010 in Las Vegas. I’d spent weeks on the road travelling around the world and living out of a suitcase. On the last night … Continue reading

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Buying new inline fitness skates: K2 vs Seba vs Powerslide?

I recently finally destroyed my last pair of inline skates (rollerblades) and had to throw them in the bin. It’s been some 7 years since I bought my last pair so I wasn’t too bothered, but I was surprised and … Continue reading

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The story behind the title photo – Part 3, Technology

I found it most interesting that that my first blog of this series “People“, flowed very easily off the pen – and the second blog “Process“, did not. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me because I’m not at … Continue reading

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