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iPad Pro 9.7 – an Enterprise Perspective

I’m now two weeks into owning the iPad Pro 9.7, and for most of those two weeks I’ve used it as my primary device. There were a few comments on my last blog as to why I was trying to … Continue reading

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Tips for using the iPad Pro 9.7

I’ve had the iPad Pro 9.7 for the last few days, and wanted to give a little update. The initial intention was to use it for 2 weeks as a primary device. How’s that coming along? The iPad Pro is … Continue reading

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10 Tips on using the Apple iPad as your primary device

I can be clumsy when overtired. And so it happened that I broke my laptop whilst travelling to a major conference, and couldn’t get it replaced for nearly 3 weeks. As it happens I then smashed the screen on my … Continue reading

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Apple OS X Mountain Lion: simplification, killed by Microsoft?

Those of you that know me know that I transitioned to a MacBook Air about a year ago as my main machine. I’d say that I’m a pretty heavy “professional” user: Internet, Collaboration and Content Creation as well as a … Continue reading

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Is the new iPad really worth it?

If you follow my blog then you’ll know that I’m uncertain supporter of the Apple iPad. Like many technology elements they are an important part of the job that I do but I’m not sure whether they’re really worth the … Continue reading

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Has Apple reached the end of the line?

So I’m sat on a London bus going to buy a birthday cake, and I put, as I usually do, a set of boundary conditions around penning a blog. In this case, on my iPad, two short bus journeys totalling … Continue reading

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Why TechCrunch is boring, SAP is not, and the world has gone mad

It’s cold by the way. Winter finally arrived, I realised as I pondered SAP’s acquisition of SuccessFactors on the run into work. I can still feel the cold imbued from the run into the metal palmrest of my laptop as I write … Continue reading

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Amazon Kindle Fire: finally the tablet market got interesting

The fanfare around the Amazon Kindle Fire has been fascinating. Firstly, that the market seemed to be comparing it to the Apple iPad. Well, really that people seem to compare everything to the Apple iPad – and inevitably the iPad … Continue reading

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Why Apple has redefined the laptop with the new MacBook Air

So I’m a few weeks into owning the new MacBook Air. I had this feeling from the start – but now I’m certain of it. The new Air defines a changing point for Apple and for the laptop business as … Continue reading

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Does Apple have a serious competitor in Microsoft and Nokia?

I’ve been a loyal iPhone customer since its launch in 2007, with just one brief foray into Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform when it first came out. They redefined the cellphone industry and their focus on profits rather than … Continue reading

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