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SSD Storage: not ready for the enterprise yet?

This week, our whole SAP production environment was wiped out for a day. I wasn’t directly involved in the sleepless process that was the restore and subsequent tests, but it was very interesting to watch from my ivory tower. Background … Continue reading

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HP buys software company Autonomy: bank or bust?

I’m sitting here pondering the HP acquisition of Autonomy. I can’t really make sense of it. Can you? On the one hand it is a tacit admission that the PC hardware business is commoditised and therefore not valuable any more. … Continue reading

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Could Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility be a good thing for innovation?

It was a bit of a shock when Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility hit the news today. Moto was once a cellphone superpower, and it created the first commercial cellular phone, the DynaTAC 8000X. It had a demise in the … Continue reading

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Why Apple has redefined the laptop with the new MacBook Air

So I’m a few weeks into owning the new MacBook Air. I had this feeling from the start – but now I’m certain of it. The new Air defines a changing point for Apple and for the laptop business as … Continue reading

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Attempting to balance consulting with health – Part 1: Self-Awareness

The bane of most consultants is trying to stay fit and healthy. The lifestyle is almost completely incompatible with this and it’s so, late in 2010, that I found myself at some 220lb (100kg or 16 stone). It’s not that … Continue reading

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Does Apple have a serious competitor in Microsoft and Nokia?

I’ve been a loyal iPhone customer since its launch in 2007, with just one brief foray into Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 platform when it first came out. They redefined the cellphone industry and their focus on profits rather than … Continue reading

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