BT and how to lose customers with lousy customer service

I have had a problem on my phone line for some time. Sometimes I get noises and crackling on the line and this can make calls impossible. It’s intermittent and gets worse on longer calls and is pretty unpredictable.

So I phoned my telephone provider BT who said they would send an engineer out to take a look, which seemed fair enough. The engineer came and couldn’t pinpoint a fault and told me that he wasn’t sure if there was a fault or not, and therefore he would mark it as such and there wouldn’t be a charge.

Fast forward 3 months and they sent me a bill for £130 ($200) for the engineer visit. I phoned and they said that it was at their discretion and the engineer had no business telling me that there wouldn’t be a charge, and the charge would be maintained.

I pointed out that the engineer worked for them and therefore he was representing them and they said “he doesn’t work for us, he works as a subcontractor” – to which I responded that was their problem, not mine. I asked for an escalation and they said their supervisor would call me but wouldn’t be taking the charges off.

In the meantime I still have the intermittent problem and I therefore don’t ever use my phone line for calls – it’s just useless and unpredictable.

Interestingly I also have internet problems – I live just a few hundred yards from my BT exchange and I’m unable to get reliable internet past 8Mbit – despite paying for a 24Mbit connection. We downgraded the service and it’s worked reasonably since. I wonder if those things relate but I can’t be sure.

It amazes me that BT think that they can force substantial charges on their customers and there won’t be a backlash. I’m considering moving house so I won’t be moving from BT right now but they can be assured that I will never ever buy a BT service again.

Have you had this kind of  behavior out of a service provider that you pay for? Or indeed have you had such a problem with BT and won an appeal? I’d love to hear from you.

Do you work for BT and would you like to talk about the impact of upsetting your customers in this way? Research shows that upsetting one customer has a negative impact on a whole bunch of customers, especially those who might be reading this blog and considering moving provider.

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One Response to BT and how to lose customers with lousy customer service

  1. Lynda says:

    We live on the Isle of Mull of the west coast of Scotland. We have been waiting for over a month now to get our land line fixed. When you call us on our land line you get some one else on the other end. We have had BT out time and time again they have missed appointments with us. From the initial instigation to the installation of signing up with BT it took 47 days to get the land line fitted.The following 39 days we had a phone line be it with poor broadband. Since loosing our land line we have been without a phone for over a month now and still no sign of it being fixed after repeated calls to BT and taking a total of 7 days off work so far to let Bt engineers look at the phone when they decided to turn up. We have now been given another date as to when they are going to visit. When you call BT they fob you off with the same questions and no answers. Customer service is not a priority with BT they try to walk all over you. We would appreciate some advice on this matter from anyone who has been through this or something smiler.

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