MacBook Air – the debacle continues with a two-tier support system

A month ago I wrote about the woes I’ve been having with my MacBook Air.

I’m now on 12 visits to the Apple Genius (should it be Dumbass) Bar and 5 separate repairs. On the latest repair they “fixed” the wireless but now the machine crashes at will, corrupted my Outlook email during one of those crashes. Because my email takes 3 days to download, the machine can’t stay alive for long enough to get it back.

So this time when I contacted Apple I made my request clear – I want a replacement machine. 5 repairs is 4 repairs too many and it’s time for them to see me right.

I was put through to a senior support person called “John” who told me he would be the last person I’d need to speak to. And then told me they were going to try to repair it again. I called back a day later and now I’m dealing with “Thomas” who tells me much the same.

They claim that because the machine was out of warranty when they did the first repair (which I paid for), they can’t replace it. Apparently if I had AppleCare then that would be fine. Only I do have AppleCare, but (mea culpa) I forgot to register it.

And now, unless I can prove when and where I bought it, they won’t register it to the machine. Of course I don’t have the receipt from 2 years ago when I bought the AppleCare – and of course, Apple don’t track when they sell stock… it wouldn’t be in their interests to do so, right?

Which really comes to my simple conclusion. Apple have a two-tier support system which is somewhat like health insurance in the US. Pay for AppleCare and they will see you right. If you don’t and you have problems, look forward to substandard support and hours on the phone.

What Apple don’t seem to see is the bigger picture: it will cost them nothing to accept the AppleCare and then they can replace the machine. But why they can’t just get on and do this, I really don’t know.

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